Ryan Phelan

Ryan Phelan is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Revive & Restore a California-based nonprofit with the mission to enhance biodiversity through the genetic rescue of endangered and extinct species. Its early successes include the first cloning of a US endangered species (the black-footed ferret), and the first cloning of a wild horse (the endangered Przewalski horse).

Ryan oversees 31 science projects funded by Revive & Restore, working with some of the world’s leading molecular biologists, conservation biologists, and conservation organizations. The projects explore the use of cutting-edge genomic technologies to solve previously intractable wildlife conservation problems posed by inbreeding, exotic diseases, climate change, destructive invasive species, and extinction.
Ryan has worked with George Church since 2005 and for the past 10 years to help envision the “Woolly Mammoth Revival” as part of the long-term ecosystem restoration project to bring back the Mammoth Steppe and its potential as a climate stabilizer.

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, active in the for-profit and non-profit worlds. She was the founder and CEO of two innovative healthcare companies: DNA Direct, the first medical genetics company to focus on bringing personalized medicine to the consumer, and Direct Medical Knowledge, a consumer health website unique for its depth of content and innovative search interface. Ryan is also President of the Board of Directors for Revive & Restore.