A biotech startup has raised millions to resurrect woolly mammoths

Colossal, founded by serial entrepreneur Ben Lamm and geneticist George Church, is treating the mammoth as its moonshot.


While the Apollo program of the 1960s is typically remembered for being the first time a human landed on an alien surface (or for kickstarting the complicated and ridiculous conspiracy theory that the moon landing never happened), the original moonshot has also had a more direct, albeit lower-profile, impact on our daily lives.

In order to make the Apollo missions happen, a whole bunch of foundational technologies had to be invented or improved upon. Telecoms satellites, GPS, microchips—these technologies may not have developed as rapidly, or at all, if it hadn’t been for the rallying cry of the space race. Today, the microchip industry alone is worth half a trillion dollars, and critical enough that a chip shortage is currently stymieing production of everything from cars to washing machines.

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