Could Austin entrepreneur’s company help bring back the woolly mammoth?


Bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction might sound like a plot straight out of “Jurassic Park” science fiction — but a group of scientists say they could be just a few years from making it a reality, and that technology developed in Austin could play a crucial role.

Austin-based entrepreneur Ben Lamm is teaming up with world-renowned geneticist George Church of Harvard Medical School to launch Colossal, a bioscience and genetics company with the goal of rapidly advancing the field of species de-extinction and combating climate change.

The Texas-based company is launching with the lofty goal of using the technology to restore the woolly mammoth to the Arctic tundra. If all goes as planned, the ancient animal — or to be precise, a close version of it — could return in less than a decade, thousands of years after it went extinct.

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