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Pleistocene Park: Return of the Mammoth’s Ecosystem

September 7, 2021

During the last ice age, the world’s most extensive ecosystem stretched from France across the Bering Strait to Canada and […]

Protection of Permafrost Soils from Thawing by Increasing Herbivore Density

Climate change will cause a substantial future greenhouse gas release from warming and thawing permafrost-affected soils to the atmosphere enabling […]

Woolly Mammoth On Verge of Resurrection, Scientists Reveal

September 4, 2021

The woolly mammoth vanished from the Earth 4,000 years ago, but now scientists say they are on the brink of […]

Untamed: Rewilding the Arctic to Curb Climate Change

September 3, 2021

The Arctic – a crucial cold cap Gilded in a vast, fragmented cover of reflective ice encircling the Arctic ocean, […]

Ecological and Evolutionary Legacy of Megafauna Extinctions

For hundreds of millions of years, large vertebrates (megafauna) have inhabited most of the ecosystems on our planet. During the […]

Transforming Ecology and Conservation Biology Through Genome Editing

As the conservation challenges increase, new approaches are needed to help combat losses in biodiversity and slow or reverse the […]

CRISPR and The Woolly Mammoth – A 21st Century Genetic Renaissance

Over 99% of the 4 billion species that have ever lived are now extinct in part from human activity (1), […]

How An Army of Mammoths Could Curb Global Warming

It’s 12,000 B.C. Modern humans are starting to migrate to the Americas for the first time. We won’t discover farming […]

The Complicated Ethics of Genetic Engineering

Genes influence health and disease, traits and behavior. With new tools available to edit those genes, scientists are now working […]

‘De-extinction’ of the Woolly Mammoth: A Step Closer

By comparing DNA recovered from two long-dead individuals, a team of researchers have sequenced the species’s entire genome — effectively […]

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