Chris Hemsworth hypes revival of extinct, ‘iconic’ Tasmanian tiger


Why bring back the Tasmanian tiger, you ask? The better question, say scientists, is “why not?” Now, “Thor” superstar Chris Hemsworth is leading the charge to revive his unofficial native Australian mascot, The Post can report.

Disappeared since 1936, the marsupial known less colloquially as the thylacine resembles what one might look like if crossed with a wild dog with a tiger — and as fierce a hunter as either.

The thylacine was once a critical apex predator of the Australian and Tasmanian bushlands — regions that now lack an important link at the top of their food chain. That’s where Colossal Biosciences, a so-called “de-extinction” company, has come in. Their team of genetic engineers has a plan to re-introduce the foregone species back to its home territory, where it can once again serve to revitalize the currently unbalanced ecosystem.

And Hemsworth, for one, couldn’t be more psyched about the return of the Tassie tiger.

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