Company that Wants to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth Raises $75 Million, Is Now Valued At $400 Million

Few startups have an elevator pitch like: We’re resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth to save the planet.
If it sounds more like the logline to another Jurassic Park sequel than a serious business, it isn’t: This is the mission of Colossal, a company that is already on its way to producing the tusky behemoth — and also plans to spin off more immediately practical genetic technology breakthroughs for mundane species (like humans) to advance medical treatments, drugs, and reproduction. But of course, Hi, we’re a biosciences company, doesn’t quite have the same ring.
As it turns out, the mammoth has indeed captured the imagination of the investment world: At only five months old, the company has raised $75 million and, after the Series A that it announced this week, the company is valued north of $400 million. (Entrepreneur verified this figure with a third party close to the transaction.)

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