Chris Klee

Chris Klee, widely known as ‘Klee,’ is an award-winning designer and visionary. As a versatile leader, Klee seamlessly navigates between guiding teams and actively engaging in hands-on work, skillfully merging strategy and design to deliver unparalleled experiences.
As the Executive Vice President of Design at Colossal, Klee helps manage the brand across physical and digital experiences. His collaborative efforts with the marketing team showcase Colossal’s groundbreaking de-extinction process to the world. In his previous role as Chief Design Officer at Hypergiant, Klee led the creation and management of product teams, delivering cutting-edge AI software solutions to the Space, Defense, and Critical Infrastructure sectors and the successful acquisition of Hypergiant by Private Equity firm, Trive Capital. Klee’s illustrious career spans diverse industries, including defense, transportation & logistics, energy, oil & gas, finance, aviation, hospitality, and healthcare.