Cristina Mormorunni (Métis/Sardo)


Cristina is the co-founder of INDIGENOUS LED and currently serves as its Director. She holds responsibility for strategic leadership, program development & creative direction. She has 30 years of applied conservation experience from the Arctic to the Antarctic leading campaigns & designing biocultural conservation strategies for non-profits, foundations & individual donors. She also serves as the Founder & Principal of the TERRAMAR collective, which provides strategic advice to foundations and non-profits interested in investment in Indigenous-led conservation and the protection of biocultural diversity. Cristina has a Master’s in policy from the University of Washington and is also a proud graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts MFA Program. Cristina is devoted to laying the foundation for the return of 30M Buffalo to the North American continent. She lives in Oga Po’geh (White Shell Water Place) or Santa Fe and shares breath with the past, present, and future generations of Northern & Southern Tewa (often identified as Tanos) and Taytsúgeh Oweengeh (Tesuque Pueblo), who are part of a much larger sovereign Indigenous landscape.