Linda Avey

Linda Avey is the co-founder and CEO of Austin-based Precisely (, a digital assistant for automating routine medical flows and implementing personalized, value-based care.

In 2006 Linda envisioned and co-founded 23andMe, the leading consumer genetics research company now trading on NASDAQ (ME). Her experience in the genetics research industry, and its need for more participants, led to her concept of the 23andMe research model, which links genetic data to health information from the company’s millions of users. This is now fueling the discovery of potential drug targets and landing pharmaceutical partnerships valued in the hundreds of millions USD.

Linda is on the advisory board of Alphabet’s life science subsidiary Verily and the Board of Fellows of Stanford Medical School. She was the founding independent board director at Rock Health, the first venture fund dedicated to digital health, where she advised startups ideating new ways of delivering healthcare.