Love Dalén, Ph.D.

Love Dalén is a Professor of evolutionary genomics at Stockholm University, and one of the founding members of the Swedish Centre for Palaeogenetics. He is a member of the IUCN Conservation Genetics Specialist Group, and a scientific advisor to the International Commission for Missing Persons in the Hague. His research is focused on investigating the evolutionary history of both extinct and extant species and studying how genetic diseases evolve in small threatened populations. He has been working on woolly mammoth genetics since 2003, and has led multiple scientific expeditions to the Arctic to collect ancient remains for genetic analysis. His research group is renowned for being the first to sequence a complete woolly mammoth genome, and he is currently using a population genomics approach to understand the mammoth’s origin, evolution and extinction. In 2021, he led an international consortium that sequenced the oldest genomes ever recovered, from mammoth remains that were more than one million years old. His current research is funded by the Swedish Research Council and an ERC Advanced Grant