Nick Uhas

Nick Uhas started his career in media at the age of 17 when he became a professional
stunt rollerblader for Team Rollerblade USA. While competitively skating Nick attended college with a focus in the sciences studying Biology at The Ohio State University. He continued his science focus at OSU where he became a published chemist in the field of Organic Chemistry. Nick furthered his studies learning about Video Production and Economics at Yale University.

In 2013 Nick moved to Los Angeles and began producing a pop-science YouTube channel. The self-titled channel can be described as “cinematic-science” where Nick performs enormous science experiments in a highly artistic and visual manner. This web-series perfectly aligned him to work on many live science segments on NBC’s TODAY show, Dr.Oz, Fox n Friends, and America’s Got Talent. Becoming a science-focused host Nick has worked produced and hosted content for DreamworksTV, AwesomenessTV, Discovery Channel and a competition reality show revolving around glass blowing, called “Blown Away” for Netflix.

Nick has also become a standout creator on the TikTok platform performing wild science stunts. Nick has amassed 7.4 million followers on the platform and had the most viewed video of 2019 with 266 million views on his “world’s largest elephant toothpaste” video.

Most recently Nick had season three of the Netflix show he hosts, Blown Away, debut in July 2022.