Sara Ord is a biomolecular engineer with a focus on building integrated materials where chemical information processing mechanisms, inspired by biology, enabling new forms and functions. Sara is a researcher for Hypergiant focused on advancements of chemical and molecular processes in space. She is a master’s candidate at Johns Hopkins University in the Whiting School of Engineering for her degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering. 

Sara has a Bachelor of Science from California State University, Fullerton where she majored in biological sciences, with a concentration in cellular and developmental biology. Her research has focused on fundamental questions in molecular evolution related to cellular adaptation and response to stress, where she co-authored two papers. Prior, Sara worked at St. David’s Hospital as a pathologist assistant where she gained hands-on experience working with tissue samples and in the field of histology.Sara has a passion for science, environmental conservation and the representation of ideas encompassed in these fields. Her work at Colossal aims at the advancement of these ideas through research.