Wells Howe

With proven success in developing strategic partnerships and collaborating as a lead member of multiple mission-driven firms, Wells’ career has centered around cultivating market-based solutions for organizations in the environmental stewardship sector. Wells’ endeavors have led through both the financial for-profit and non-profit sectors, launching new-to-market renewable energy solutions, building leveraged carbon finance impact assessment and optimization tools, and launching multiple ocean de-carbonization solutions. Wells is currently leading Beneath The Waves’ Blue Carbon program that focuses on conservation efforts across the globe through the deployment of proprietary Blue Carbon methodologies under a program aptly named, Blueprint. Wells has provided expert testimony to Congresses in multiple nations, including the United Sates, on the importance of Blue Carbon ecosystems, presented novel conservation approaches at the UNFCCC COP conferences, co-authored peer-reviewed scientific publications and published books on Blue Natural Capital, delivered key note presentations at the Regional Conference of the Youth on Climate Change at the University of The Bahamas and to the Caribbean Regional Heads of Government, broadcast novel scientific findings on live network television, and guest lectured at universities on the importance of biodiversity and nature-based solutions. In his spare time, you will find Wells backcountry skiing, scuba diving, and harvesting sugar kelp along the New England coastline. Wells was born at 353 ppm.