The Woolly Mammoth Will Be Back In 6 Years


Colossal, a new Texas-based start-up, plans to bring the woolly mammoth back from the dead and return an ancient species to the Arctic tundra.

Working with Harvard University’s Dr. George Church, a pioneer who laid the scientific groundwork for the de-extinction of the mammoth, Colossal is a “new wave of thoughtful and disruptive conservation aimed at combating the effects of climate change through ecosystem restoration,” according to their press release. Using CRISPR gene-editing technology, Colossal’s goal is to “rewild” the Siberian Tundra with mammoths for the purpose of conservation and to restore the ecosystem back to when mammoths roamed.

“Successfully reintroducing the mammoth to the tundra for the purposes of rewilding and reestablishing the Arctic grassland is a radical new approach at combating climate change and helping to protect the trapped carbon and methane in the permafrost,” Ben Lamm, co-founder and Colossal’s CEO, told The Debrief. 

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