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Return of the Dodo? Scientists launch project to bring back the extinct species using stem cell technology – more than 350 YEARS after it was wiped out

January 31, 2023

The dodo is one of the most famous extinct creatures on the planet — but is there a chance it could be […]

Scientists Launch Project to ‘De-Extinct’ the Dodo, Reintroduce to Natural Habitat

The phrase “dead as a dodo” may be, well, dead as a dodo, if a recently-founded “de-extinction company” has its […]

Scientists are trying to resurrect the dodo – centuries after the bird famously went extinct

The list of extinct species that genetic engineering company Colossal wants to bring back to life is growing. The latest addition: the […]

The company trying to bring back the extinct mammoth also wants to revive the dodo and it’s already raised more than $200M

It has been 361 years since anyone has seen a dodo, the odd-looking bird that has become a poster child […]

How (and why) a billion-dollar startup plans to bring back the dodo

The last living dodo was seen on the island of Mauritius in 1662; soon it was extinct, largely the victim […]

Scientists plot the resurrection of a bird that’s been extinct since the 17th century

No other animal is as inexorably linked with extinction as the dodo, an odd-looking flightless bird that lived on the […]

This Billion-Dollar Startup Wants to Bring Back the Dodo

A biotechnology startup that promises to resurrect woolly mammoths is now the first “de-extinction unicorn,” with a valuation said to be over a […]

Predicting the 10 biggest trends of 2023: Woolly mammoths to daring denim

January 4, 2023

Thanks to gene-editing tools like CRISPR, the Texas-based biotech startup Colossal Biosciences—backed by millions from investors like Peter Thiel, Tony […]

UAF partners with Alaska students for a mammoth of a project

December 15, 2022

University of Alaska Fairbanks professor and mammoth researcher Dr. Matthew Wooller along with Colossal Biosciences have a collaborative project aimed at providing […]

Saving Baby Elephants from a Deadly Herpes Virus

November 1, 2022

Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (“EEHV”) is the leading cause of death in juvenile Asian elephants born in North America and […]

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