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Could Austin entrepreneur’s company help bring back the woolly mammoth?

September 17, 2021

Bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction might sound like a plot straight out of “Jurassic Park” science fiction — […]

Bitcoin billionaires bet big on reviving woolly mammoths to combat climate change

September 14, 2021

Four thousand years ago, woolly mammoths went extinct, and one of the planet’s most biodiverse habitats, the Mammoth Steppe, disappeared from the Arctic […]

World’s Leading Geneticists Aim to Resurrect Woolly Mammoth

It was a member of a small, isolated community of mammoths that was the last vestige of a once-thriving species […]

Harvard geneticist George Church cofounds a biotech firm

The woolly mammoth first commanded George Church’s attention when he was a child attending the world’s fair in 1964. Church […]

Why a serial entrepreneur wants to bring back the woolly mammoth

Ben Lamm has started five different companies, from a consumer gaming startup acquired by Zynga to a mobile software development firm acquired […]

This Texan Aims to Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth to Save the Planet

Ben Lamm has always come off as the type of tech super-entrepreneur whose creations might either save humanity from itself […]

This CRISPR startup thinks that mammoths can save the Arctic. Is it right?

It’s almost been a decade since Harvard geneticist George Church first talked about using synthetic biology to bring woolly mammoths back to life. […]

Woolly Mammoths Will Walk the Arctic Tundra Again

Revolutionary entrepreneur Ben Lamm has announced the launch of a bioscience and genetics company, Colossal. Co-founded with a world-renowned geneticist […]

CRISPR startup wants to create woolly mammoth hybrids by 2027

You’ve heard of startups building computer chips, delivery drones and social networks. One called Colossal has a very different goal: bringing […]

A biotech startup has raised millions to resurrect woolly mammoths

September 13, 2021

While the Apollo program of the 1960s is typically remembered for being the first time a human landed on an […]

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