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Sam Singer, CFA

December 6, 2022

Sam Singer is the CFO of Colossal Bioscience with extensive experience as a finance executive and investor in the biotech industry.  Before joining […]

Amanda Bastawros

November 14, 2022

Amanda Bastawros is the VP, Head of Human Resources, and will be implementing the HR strategy at Colossal to support […]

Wendy Kiso, Ph.D.

Wendy Kiso, Ph.D. is the Principal Scientist of Assisted Reproduction at Colossal Biosciences. Previously, she was Conservation Manager at White Oak […]

Justin Quinn

An early contributor to the platforms of a number of biotech startups, including Moderna and TCR2 therapeutics. Most recently, he […]

Jillian McCall

Jillian McCall is an award-winning marketing professional with over ten years of experience in developing innovative strategies and multi-platform B2C […]

Adam Milne

Adam Milne is a Cambridge, MA-based biotech executive. With more than two decades in the life sciences industry, prior to […]

Leyi Li, MD, Ph.D.

November 11, 2022

Leyi Li, MD, Ph.D. is Head of Embryology at Colossal. He received his MD degree from Hunan Medical University in […]

Evan Appleton, Ph.D.

Evan Appleton, Ph.D. is currently Head of Stem Cell Biology / Reprogramming at Colossal. Evan has been working in the […]

Sven Bocklandt, Ph.D.

Sven Bocklandt, Ph.D. brings 11 years of industry experience in genome analysis and 15 years of experience in animal genetic […]

Sarah Grant

April 4, 2022

Sarah Grant is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. After starting her career in financial services, she […]

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